Tosh Angelo


This Texas bred four year old music lover picked up his first instrument at the age of one and started playing. Tosh Angelo’s first love was the guitar and then he discovered the drums. Tosh listens to many different genre’s of music, but his favorites are afro-cuban, jazz and reggae. Getting to meet one of his favorite musicians,  Ziggy Marley, was a special treat.


Tosh enjoys jam sessions with friends and wants to start his own band one day soon.

Tosh’s first magazine feature was in Tribeza Magazine at the age of three.


Tosh is currently taking ukulele and drum lessons. When he’s not in the music zone he enjoys playing soccer, collecting dinosaurs and building construction sites.

His greatest joy is being a big brother to his little sister, Jasmine.


Talent Agent interested in representing Tosh? Music producer interested in working with Tosh?

Contact me for more information.

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