Mommy Make-Over Monday- J’Lane Spence

It’s My-Cherie’s Mommy Make-Over Monday…m.m.m.m! I love working with kids, but it’s just as fun working with moms. I’m a mom and I know that moms don’t always get to embrace their individuality because of every day busy family life and work. I’ve decided that on Mondays I will feature one special mom made-over byContinue reading “Mommy Make-Over Monday- J’Lane Spence”

Acting Coach and Actress- Carol Hickey

  Last week, I had the opportunity to sit down and talk with veteran acting coach and actress, Carol Hickey.  Carol has been in the business for over 26 years, so this woman really knows show business. What I love about Carol is that she teaches classes and continues to work in the business asContinue reading “Acting Coach and Actress- Carol Hickey”

My Inspiration- Young Ladies with Incredible Talent

I’m amazed at the incredible talent of young ones today! I had the pleasure of meeting this talented young lady, Amber Barbee Pickens, who attends The Julliard School Of Performing Arts And Dance. Her phenomenal modern dance performance at the Texas Medal of Arts Awards on Wednesday night blew my mind and captivated the entireContinue reading “My Inspiration- Young Ladies with Incredible Talent”

My Inspiration – Working With Children

Sophia aka “So-So” I have always been a kid at heart, but I didn’t realize how much I loved working with children until I started my own fashion company six years ago. I’m an Artist, first and foremost, so I’m always creating something. To me, being creative is like inhaling and exhaling- I must create to survive. MyContinue reading “My Inspiration – Working With Children”