I had the privilege of doing a a fun spring photo shoot with little big guy, John-Austin, who is nine and half months. I had a blast doing artistic direction and styling alongside John-Austin’s parents and the photographer, Melanie, of  She-N-He photography and design!



JohnAustin already seems to understand that his name goes really well with presence and personality. He is a happy, fun-loving baby, and enjoys returning the warmth and delight of random people who tend to stop and dote on such an adorable, healthy boy. John-Austin was photogenic and energetic for the entire shoot. I was very impressed by his demeanor and how well he worked camera. He was a natural!


He was also quite dapper in his bow-tie, hat and jacket.



JohnAustin loves being in his daddy’s arms or mommy’s lap until it’s time to bounce and dance to “Uptown Funk” by Bruno Mars. He is already the star of his family and his future is as bright as the sun. “Don’t believe me, just watch!” 🙂



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Kendra Chantal


Kendra Chantal

Born and raised Laredo, Texas, ten year old beauty and sweetheart, Kendra Chantal, brings joy and light to everyone in her presence. She is charismatic, energetic, lovable and full of life. Kendra began competing in pageants at the tender age of four. Thanks to the loving support of her family and friends, Kendra held the titles of Little Miss Laredo in 2010, Miss Texas Cover Girl 2010, Little Miss Texas Galaxy 2011, Little Miss International Galaxy 2013 and Little Miss Rio Grande Valley 2014.

Kendra’s succession speech for Little Miss Rio Grande Valley 2014 and her love for the city of Rio Grande Valley was heartfelt and inspiring. She is passionate about her charity work and enjoys giving back to the community. She is very humble and grateful for her family, friend and fans who support her every step of the way. Check out Kendra’s farewell speech:


When it comes to the runway,  Kendra is a natural and she is all about the lights, camera and action.


Behind all that beauty and vivacious personality, Kendra is a dancer and athlete. Kendra excels in ballet, tap, jazz, flamenco and gymnastics.


She also competes in track & field and she loves to play soccer.

Kendra Chantal track meet

There is so much more to come from Kendra Chantal!

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Andrew Payton

Fourteen year old world traveler, Andrew Payton, has natural charm and a contagious smile that will warm your heart. Andrew was born and raised in the US, but through his international travels he is familiar with the cultures of many different countries, like France, Germany, Italy, UK, Denmark, Belgium, Czech Republic and Belize. He enjoys meeting interesting people and exploring the world around him.


Andrew recently went on a school trip to Italy, where he got to visit the Colosseum in Rome and re-enact the the role of a Gladiator.10408962_825935867497520_8326528433488964654_n

When Andrew is not traveling, he enjoys being an athlete. He loves soccer, flag football, and track & field. Andrew is also certified in scuba diving. He also has great interests in military history, animals and science.

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Mommy Make-Over Monday- J’Lane Spence

It’s My-Cherie’s Mommy Make-Over Monday…m.m.m.m! I love working with kids, but it’s just as fun working with moms. I’m a mom and I know that moms don’t always get to embrace their individuality because of every day busy family life and work. I’ve decided that on Mondays I will feature one special mom made-over by yours truly… And my talented team!

This week’s mommy make-over goes to J’Lane Spence. J’Lane is mom to 4yr old, Heather and 8yr old, Noah. J’Lane is a talented actress who came to me 6 months ago because she was ready to take her acting career to the next level and to do so she needed a new look. Also, her talent agent specifically requested new head shots. I was up for the challenge!

My main goal for J’Lane was to re-brand her look and style, while accentuating her best features. As you can see in the “before” photo, she had bangs, a slight smile on her face and she’s wearing a great color, but the photo doesn’t pop or say wow! Talent agencies and casting directors want to see head shots that “wow” them. They also want to see someone real and believable and before they call you in for an audition, that needs to show in your photos.

The first thing I had to do was get rid of those bangs and pull her hair out of her face so you can actually see one of her best assets- her gorgeous green eyes. The best way to make your eyes pop is to wear colors that accentuate your eyes. Usually you can do that with make-up, but head shots need to be basic, and not heavily made up, so we put her in an evergreen top to compliment her eye color.

Next, I wanted to incorporate some movement into the “after”, unlike the “before”, so the hair stylist added some body waves to her hair and we played around with her hand placements so that the shot has more fluidity. I also wanted to showcase J’Lane’s smile and pearly white teeth, which really shows her personality. Lastly, we shot in the natural light to give her skin a refreshing glow! The final “after” shot was complete with the help of Dhills Photography and FireMakeup Artistry by Jessi Pagel Diaz !

The end result was a fabulous new headshot for her to send to her agent and submit for auditions. Do you think J’Lane’s agent will be happy with her “after” headshot? Do you think J’Lane will get more call-backs and bookings?






Acting Coach and Actress- Carol Hickey



Last week, I had the opportunity to sit down and talk with veteran acting coach and actress, Carol Hickey.  Carol has been in the business for over 26 years, so this woman really knows show business. What I love about Carol is that she teaches classes and continues to work in the business as an actress in commercials, television and film. She told me she had a 100% booking rate for the month of February. Now that’s pretty fantastic!

If you aren’t impressed yet, here’s a snippet from her bio that shows the work Carol has put in over the years: “Carol Hickey studied with some of the most prestigious instructors in Acting at HB Studio in New York and 7 years in Los Angeles with Harry Mastrogeorge. She has a degree in Theatre from University of California, Santa Barbara. She earned her living working on commercials and television series (Gilmore Girls, Six Feet Under, Scrubs, ER, NYPD Blue, Judging Amy, Big Love, National Tide, AT&T, Kelloggs, Cisco and many more) in Los Angeles.”

Carol currently lives in Austin, TX and teaches classes for actors of all ages at her studio, the L.A. Standard. When she opened the L.A. Standard in 2013, she only had 9 students. Now she has a roster of 75 students and that number keeps growing. I had the privilege of taking her class in commercial auditioning. I really love Carol’s style of teaching and how she connects with each student on a genuine and real level.  In my opinion, her coaching technique is one of the best! Carol also partners with other acting coaches that have a multitude of experience in commercials, film and voice work. One of her latest collaborations is with Tracy Goodwin. Tracy specializes in kids 8yrs-12yrs old and she has been coaching actors on voice and movement integration for over 20 years.

Carol Hickey and her team are here to help you succeed  in your craft as an actor. If you are interested in pursuing acting in any form, Carol is available for private coaching, audition coaching and taping by appointment. When you meet Carol you will understand why she is such a great asset to the acting community.

For upcoming classes and more info check out L.A Standard  and The State Theatre.


My Inspiration- Young Ladies with Incredible Talent

I’m amazed at the incredible talent of young ones today! I had the pleasure of meeting this talented young lady, Amber Barbee Pickens, who attends The Julliard School Of Performing Arts And Dance.


Her phenomenal modern dance performance at the Texas Medal of Arts Awards on Wednesday night blew my mind and captivated the entire audience! It was a spellbinding performance filled with passion, fluidity and beautiful form. Amber has trained with Debbie Allen and the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater... AND the cherry on top is that she attended Booker T. Washington High School for the Performing and Visual Arts in Dallas, Texas, along with other alumni, like Erykah Badu and Norah Jones. Amber is very focused and dedicated to dance. She also takes voice lessons and she acts. After she graduates from Juilliard her goal is to perform on Broadway. I have no doubt in my mind that she will fulfill that goal! She is a beautiful soul inside and out, and an exemplary role model for young girls who are pursuing their dreams in the Arts!

My Inspiration – Working With Children

Sophia aka “So-So”

I have always been a kid at heart, but I didn’t realize how much I loved working with children until I started my own fashion company six years ago. I’m an Artist, first and foremost, so I’m always creating something. To me, being creative is like inhaling and exhaling- I must create to survive. My company, Shimmer & Bliss, consists of hand-dyed silk scarves made by yours truly.

My handcrafted designs have been in many photo shoots around the world, but I must say one of my favorite shoots was with Sophia Zambrano of Dallas, Texas.


I wanted to do something exciting and different with my scarves, so one day while brainstorming with my design team, I came up with the awesome idea to have a kids contest. I knew kids were crazy about my colorful, lightweight scarves, so why not do a Shimmer & Bliss kid’s campaign. I had no idea how popular the contest was going to be, but it was a hit! The race was tough, but 10 year old Sophia aka So-So, won the contest. Sophia’s prize was a complete make-over and photo shoot for my “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” kids line.

She came from Dallas to Austin for the photo shoot with her mom and family by her side. I loved that they were so supportive of Sophia and her dream to win the contest and model for my scarf line.

After having two kids, I realize it takes a lot of love, support and nurturing in order for children to grow and be confident about who they are. I have so much respect for moms and family members who honor a child’s God given talents.

Heather McKenzie


Heather McKenzie

Heather is a budding actress with a growing resume, a striking presence, and commercial success despite being just four years old. Heather is SAG-E and currently has a principal role in a national commercial for the Honda CR-V along with two other commercial roles.

On her most recent shoot, which lasted four hours, the cast and crew were amazed at her ability to take direction so well and to do multiple takes with energy and ease.

Check out Heather’s 2015 CR-V Commercial:

Heather is smart, funny, outgoing, honest, brave, charismatic and eager to take on more commercial, television and movie roles.

She loves gymnastics, dance and spending time in the Texas outdoors.

10665208_10203462064807055_520215354236785981_n 10157246_10202347557585071_1729417478_n









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Tosh Angelo


This Texas bred four year old music lover picked up his first instrument at the age of one and started playing. Tosh Angelo’s first love was the guitar and then he discovered the drums. Tosh listens to many different genre’s of music, but his favorites are afro-cuban, jazz and reggae. Getting to meet one of his favorite musicians,  Ziggy Marley, was a special treat.


Tosh enjoys jam sessions with friends and wants to start his own band one day soon.

Tosh’s first magazine feature was in Tribeza Magazine at the age of three.


Tosh is currently taking ukulele and drum lessons. When he’s not in the music zone he enjoys playing soccer, collecting dinosaurs and building construction sites.

His greatest joy is being a big brother to his little sister, Jasmine.


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