Kendra Chantal


Kendra Chantal

Born and raised Laredo, Texas, ten year old beauty and sweetheart, Kendra Chantal, brings joy and light to everyone in her presence. She is charismatic, energetic, lovable and full of life. Kendra began competing in pageants at the tender age of four. Thanks to the loving support of her family and friends, Kendra held the titles of Little Miss Laredo in 2010, Miss Texas Cover Girl 2010, Little Miss Texas Galaxy 2011, Little Miss International Galaxy 2013 and Little Miss Rio Grande Valley 2014.

Kendra’s succession speech for Little Miss Rio Grande Valley 2014 and her love for the city of Rio Grande Valley was heartfelt and inspiring. She is passionate about her charity work and enjoys giving back to the community. She is very humble and grateful for her family, friend and fans who support her every step of the way. Check out Kendra’s farewell speech:


When it comes to the runway,  Kendra is a natural and she is all about the lights, camera and action.


Behind all that beauty and vivacious personality, Kendra is a dancer and athlete. Kendra excels in ballet, tap, jazz, flamenco and gymnastics.


She also competes in track & field and she loves to play soccer.

Kendra Chantal track meet

There is so much more to come from Kendra Chantal!

Talent agent interested in representing Kendra? Casting director interested in booking Kendra?

Contact me for more information.

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