Mommy Make-Over Monday- J’Lane Spence

It’s My-Cherie’s Mommy Make-Over Monday…m.m.m.m! I love working with kids, but it’s just as fun working with moms. I’m a mom and I know that moms don’t always get to embrace their individuality because of every day busy family life and work. I’ve decided that on Mondays I will feature one special mom made-over by yours truly… And my talented team!

This week’s mommy make-over goes to J’Lane Spence. J’Lane is mom to 4yr old, Heather and 8yr old, Noah. J’Lane is a talented actress who came to me 6 months ago because she was ready to take her acting career to the next level and to do so she needed a new look. Also, her talent agent specifically requested new head shots. I was up for the challenge!

My main goal for J’Lane was to re-brand her look and style, while accentuating her best features. As you can see in the “before” photo, she had bangs, a slight smile on her face and she’s wearing a great color, but the photo doesn’t pop or say wow! Talent agencies and casting directors want to see head shots that “wow” them. They also want to see someone real and believable and before they call you in for an audition, that needs to show in your photos.

The first thing I had to do was get rid of those bangs and pull her hair out of her face so you can actually see one of her best assets- her gorgeous green eyes. The best way to make your eyes pop is to wear colors that accentuate your eyes. Usually you can do that with make-up, but head shots need to be basic, and not heavily made up, so we put her in an evergreen top to compliment her eye color.

Next, I wanted to incorporate some movement into the “after”, unlike the “before”, so the hair stylist added some body waves to her hair and we played around with her hand placements so that the shot has more fluidity. I also wanted to showcase J’Lane’s smile and pearly white teeth, which really shows her personality. Lastly, we shot in the natural light to give her skin a refreshing glow! The final “after” shot was complete with the help of Dhills Photography and FireMakeup Artistry by Jessi Pagel Diaz !

The end result was a fabulous new headshot for her to send to her agent and submit for auditions. Do you think J’Lane’s agent will be happy with her “after” headshot? Do you think J’Lane will get more call-backs and bookings?






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