My Inspiration – Working With Children

Sophia aka “So-So”

I have always been a kid at heart, but I didn’t realize how much I loved working with children until I started my own fashion company six years ago. I’m an Artist, first and foremost, so I’m always creating something. To me, being creative is like inhaling and exhaling- I must create to survive. My company, Shimmer & Bliss, consists of hand-dyed silk scarves made by yours truly.

My handcrafted designs have been in many photo shoots around the world, but I must say one of my favorite shoots was with Sophia Zambrano of Dallas, Texas.


I wanted to do something exciting and different with my scarves, so one day while brainstorming with my design team, I came up with the awesome idea to have a kids contest. I knew kids were crazy about my colorful, lightweight scarves, so why not do a Shimmer & Bliss kid’s campaign. I had no idea how popular the contest was going to be, but it was a hit! The race was tough, but 10 year old Sophia aka So-So, won the contest. Sophia’s prize was a complete make-over and photo shoot for my “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” kids line.

She came from Dallas to Austin for the photo shoot with her mom and family by her side. I loved that they were so supportive of Sophia and her dream to win the contest and model for my scarf line.

After having two kids, I realize it takes a lot of love, support and nurturing in order for children to grow and be confident about who they are. I have so much respect for moms and family members who honor a child’s God given talents.

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