Snowboarder and Traveler- Jadyn Elizabeth


Jadyn Elizabeth is a perfect mix of style and athleticism. With two older brothers, she holds her own with snowboarding, soccer, running, hiking, and tennis. But she is also total “girl” and charms others with her poise and fashion.


Jadyn is a homeschool student and has had much fun traveling the country with her family over the last couple years as a “freejourner.” It has allowed her to excel as a young snowboarder with many days each winter on a mountain. This year she joined Team Summit in Colorado and looks forward to competing in a few events before the season ends. She loves watching snowboarders like Chloe Kim, Kelly Clark, and Sage Kotsenburg and would love to be sponsored by Burton one day!


Talent agent interested in representing Jadyn Elizabeth? Company interesting in sponsoring Jadyn Elizabeth?

Contact me for more information.


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